Motorcycle Accidents

Factors Relating To Motorcycle Accidents

There are numerous factors that contribute to a motorcycle accident. Driver negligence has become a serious reoccurring theme, especially in Florida. Unfortunately, automobile drivers fail to operate their vehicle with the safety of motorcyclists in mind. Simple precautions such as checking blind spots not once, but twice, and providing a motorcyclist with full use of a lane, are often ignored.

Motorcycle accidents may also result from a city failing to properly maintain their roadways. Pot holes, excess litter, and outdated sewer grates are factors that can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike.

Less than two percent of all vehicles in the United States are motorcycles, however, motorcyclists account for eight percent of total road fatalities. Cyclists face injuries that are typically much more severe than their automobile counterparts due to lack of protection (i.e., steel surrounding them). An absence of a safety belt and a surrounding metal frame increases the risk of brain injury, brain damage, spinal cord injury, and death.

Motorcyclists are oftentimes the victim of absent-minded and inattentive drivers. Distracted drivers tend to engage in activities which unfortunately consist of everything but focusing on the road. Technology has allowed motorists the capability to check their email account, update social media statuses, and send text messages in a matter of seconds from a single device, while operating a vehicle. What’s even more astonishing is that currently, the state of Florida does not have a law prohibiting texting and driving, or the use of a cell phone while driving. Along with an increase in careless drivers on the road, bikers are more inclined to tragic accidents because they are often difficult to spot in areas of traffic. As a Florida motorcycle accident and injury attorney, Matt Dolman has witnessed a steady increase in biker casualties due to unnecessary distractions. The injury lawyers at the Dolman Law Group are committed to holding distracted drivers accountable for the injuries they cause to both the biker and his or her family.


When you consider the amount of advertising that the average consumer is subjected to by injury law attorneys, it becomes difficult to determine who is the best motorcycle accident attorney to handle your claim. Selecting the best motorcycle injury attorney is an exhausting process due to the number of lawyers who claim to specialize in motorcycle cases.

Please keep in mind that we limit our advertising for one basic reason. The majority of our new clients are referred to us by satisfied former clients. We also receive a number of referrals by other practicing attorneys who utilize our law firm to co-counsel cases. It is our strong relationship with former clients that has allowed this firm to grow at a rapid pace.

Many lawyers have advertisements depicting themselves as avid bikers. Keep in mind that such advertisements are often misleading, as an attorney’s ability to operate a motorcycle has no direct correlation on their ability to handle a motorcycle injury case. Further, many of these purported motorcycle attorneys do not actively handle their own litigation. In fact, we know of attorneys who claim to specialize in motorcycle injury cases but if it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit on behalf of an injured client, they outsource the case to a fellow injury law attorney who will then handle the litigation.

Even more disturbing is the fluff and misrepresentations offered by these so called “biker attorneys.” The skills, experience, and qualifications of an injury law attorney should be the first concern for a victim seeking competent legal representation. Whether or not an attorney looks good sitting on a motorcycle on a billboard, or if that attorney is a bona fide motorcycle rider should play no role in the selection process. Along with ample experience in representing injured motorcyclists, an attorney or firm must have the proper litigation skills, resources, willingness, and ability to take a case to trial if needed. The injury law attorneys at the Dolman Law Group actively litigate cases throughout Florida and specifically in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Sarasota and Manatee County.

Many bikers are unaware that attorneys, including some of the most recognized advertisers, do not litigate themselves or they pass on the litigation file to a better qualified law firm. It is vital that the injured party research and inquire about their attorney’s experience litigating cases, whether the firm handles its own litigation, and if the attorney or firm has the necessary resources to push the case to trial if necessary.


  1. All clients of the Dolman Law Group are provided the cell phone number and email address of their attorney. We are committed to providing accessible representation and fostering communications between the client and the Attorney. At many law firms, the client never speaks with the lawyer. In fact, we have learned from many of our clients who were previously represented by some of the largest advertising law firms, that they never met with nor spoke to their attorney. In fact, many of our clients will state that when they were previously represented by one of the larger advertising firms, they only spoke with a Paralegal or Case Manager. Our business model is based on generating referrals from current and previous clients. Client communications is our core principal we adhere to
  2. Our injury law attorneys routinely litigate cases against all major insurance carriers.
  3. The injury law attorneys at the Dolman Law Group only handle personal injury law. In fact, we do not presently handle any area of the law aside from personal injury claims/cases. Further, our attorneys have never nor will they ever represent the interests of an insurance carrier. We only represent injured parties.
  4. We are proud to not be affiliated with any lawyer referral service such as 1-800-Ask-Gary or 411-Pain.

Consult With An Experienced Motorcycle injury Attorney

If you have endured injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident, particularly a collision which caused considerable damage, retaining an attorney who comprehends the special dynamics which surround a motorcycle accident in the state of Florida, are essential.

Due to the design of a motorcycle, an impact with a car or truck can generate permanent injuries or even a fatality. A motorcyclist lacks a surrounding metal frame, and forfeits safety belt protection. The only thing isolating a driver from the asphalt is their clothing, and hopefully an appropriate safety helmet which greatly reduce the likelihood of suffering a brain injury or sustaining a permanent injury to the spine.

Pursuing a motorcycle accident claim on your own, without the counsel of a motorcycle accident attorney is a huge risk that most cannot or should take. Insurance carriers are trained to take complete advantage of those who have no legal background and are unrepresented, let alone those represented by large advertising “mill” law firms. A “mill” law firm is named so, because they fail to pay close attention to the uncommon factors in each individual case; specifically those involving motorcyclists. Many motorcycle incidents result in mild to fatal brain injuries due to the structure of a motorcycle. A thorough understanding of closed head and traumatic brain injuries should be expected of an experienced and competent motorcycle injury attorney.

For further information regarding Dolman Law Groups’ qualifications and knowledge in handling traumatic brain injuries, please visit our blog section where we frequently post articles on this increasingly evolving area of science and the law. Our firm is proud of the solid reputation we have built in the Tampa Bay `legal community. We believe in the aggressive and personal representation offered to our clients

Help us build your case

As an injury lawyer representing motorcyclists, I cannot stress to you the importance of documenting the collision, as well as all injuries you presently suffer from. If you sustain any type of injury as a result of a motorcycle accident it is critical you seek medical attention to determine the extent of the injury, and to properly document all complaints. No matter the severity of the accident, it is important that the police are called to the scene to accurately document the accident and the circumstances that surround the incident as well as witnesses. If possible, talk to drivers and/or pedestrians who may have witnessed the accident, and be sure to take down all necessary contact information. Furthermore, keep a folder of all medical records and invoices received, as well as a log of any out-of-pocket expenses.

Insurance companies will often attempt to take advantage of bikers and classify them as being careless or reckless. This is a generalization that is often employed by the major insurance carriers in their effort to pain all motorcyclists with the same brush and create the impression that it is their own fault for engaging in such an activity.

We see the same tactics and cookie cutter strategy utilized by insurance carriers time and again. It remains our goal to outwork the respective insurance carriers and lawyers and take advantage of these tired tactics. Bikers have the same rights as automobile operators and being a motorcyclist does not in any way mean that you are careless or reckless or have subjected yourself to such generalizations.