St. Pete Businessman Killed in Motorcycle Crash

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A local St. Petersburg businessman was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident last week. 24 year old Keith Mastronardo was thrown from his motorcycle when he swerved to avoid hitting an animal in the road. After being thrown from his bike, Mr. Mastronardo was hit by on oncoming car and died from his injuries. While no charges have been filed against the driver of the car, Florida Highway Patrol says the accident is still under investigation.

Mr. Mastronardo was a St. Pete local turned reality TV star when he and his brother appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank. On the show, the brothers pitched their idea for a new skincare product. The exposure they received from the show helped to launch their local two-man operation to the national scale.

Sadly, Mr. Mastronardo’s case shows us that it is not always possible to avoid an accident. There are however, several steps motorcycle riders can take to help reduce the risks of injury or death should a motorcycle accident occur. When riding, it is important to always wear the proper safety gear: helmet, gloves, closed-toed shoes, long pants and shirts. Never, ever, drive while intoxicated. Avoid riding in areas of low visibility like in heavy traffic or low-light conditions. Most importantly- always be aware of all of your surroundings, not just the road in front of you. Unfortunately, many automobile operators fail to take notice of motorcycles.  Further, even more troubling is the pandemic of distracted driving.  We are now seeing more and more motor vehicle and motorcycle collisions attributed to a driver who was distracted.  Oftentimes, the driver was distracted by a cell phone.  However, distracted driving is not limited to texting and driving or talking on the phone.  Any distraction that takes the drivers focus off of the road is problematic and can result in a tragic accident as described above.

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