Back and Neck Injuries


As a motorcycle attorney, the most common physical ailments I come across are neck and back injuries. Victims often experience discogenic (relating to a disc injury) pain in the cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back), and lumbar (mid-back to tail bone) regions. In my experience, I know all too well that the insurance carriers constantly make use of the same exhausting defenses when it comes to neck and back injury cases.


An injury of the spinal cord (SCI) varies greatly in severity; from minor sprains to serious disc herniations and possibly permanent paralysis. From the start, hiring an experienced back and neck injury attorney is essential when handling claims. The Dolman Law Group is committed to providing the highest level of legal expertise for our motorcycle injury clients, from day one. Our firm utilizes accident investigators to secure witness statements, record accident scene analysis and take photographs before evidence is tampered with, or witnesses forget what actually happened. We employ various experts who will evaluate the evidence and facts which comprise your personal injury case. Furthermore, our diligent injury law attorneys at the Dolman Law Group will spend a great amount of time corresponding with your treatment team of physicians to ensure that we have full documentation of injuries.


Motorcycle accidents are a primary cause of spinal cord injuries. Symptoms may arise, such as loss of feeling and lack of movement control. Specific medical treatments include physical therapy, diagnostic imaging studies such as MRI’s, medication to relieve pain, surgery such as laminectomy or discectomy, and rehabilitation.
Injuries from a motorcycle accident may disrupt the spinal cord or the root fibers of the spinal nerves, which run through the gaps between the back bones (vertebrae). The bundles of nerves which extend from the spinal cord, better known as cauda equine, can also be a serious target for injury.

Common types of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Fractures
  • Complete separation (dislocation) of vertebrae next to one another
  • Partial misalignment (subluxation) of vertebrae

The injured area may be tender to the touch. In those victims severely weakened or even paralyzed, movement is extremely limited or impossible. They become candidates of increased risk of blood clotting, pressure sores, and other debilitating injuries.


Insurance Adjustors are proficient in the area of neck and back injury claims, as they are so commonly filed. Therefore, it is important that your legal team thoroughly understand the intricacies associated with such claims. We are well aware of the physicians who have outstanding reputations with the various insurance carriers, and we are also aware of those whom carriers are skeptical of. Further, we are fully prepared to battle the most common neck and back injury defenses that the adjustors will use against you.  As a team, we have accumulated an excessive amount of experience followed by great success in counseling and litigating Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) claims. If a car accident results in less than $2,000.00 worth of property damage, the insurance carriers will typically belittle the claim by labeling it as a “minor impact.” Many attorneys put their clients at a disadvantage when they lazily accept an amount less than what the claim is truly worth.
As a Florida injury law attorney, I have witnessed the constant obstacles that the plaintiff attorney and the plaintiff themselves face with each and every claim, especially those classified as a minor impact soft tissue (MIST) injury. Florida is infamous for tort reform and as a result has produced an unfavorable environment for those plaintiffs who are victims of motorcycle accidents. The jury panel is usually already weary of plaintiffs due to the propaganda they are brain washed with by insurance companies and their lobbyists who persistently argue that injury victims over exaggerate, or even falsely claim, their sustained injuries. We are aware that the insurance company will initially declare that it is impossible for you to have a serious neck or back injury from a minor impact. Fortunately, numerous studies have indicated that there is no definite relationship between property damage and physical injury, and the few that do, fail to account for the infinite number of variables that effect whether a victim is injured in any particular accident. It should also be noted that the “no injury” studies tend to be funded by the sly insurance industry. Also, it is well documented that the average car crash of just 5 miles per hour exerts 50,000 pounds of force; an amount we believe is extremely significant.


At Dolman Law Group, we pride ourselves on having up-to-date medical knowledge achieved from attending numerous seminars, countless continuing education classes, and first hand learning from prominent spine surgeons and other related physicians, on how an automobile accident may lead to severe pathology of the spine. We are well respected in the insurance industry for our commitment to zealously representing accident victims with spinal damage. We believe that to successfully perform our service as motorcycle accident attorneys, our knowledge of spine pathology must be well versed and current.

If you have suffered a back or neck injury in Florida due to another’s negligence, you may be able to recover your losses including all current and future medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of future happiness and pain and suffering.