Automobile Accidents


Receiving the necessary care and treatment for injuries sustained from a car accident is not an easy task. You may need the legal advice of an automobile accident attorney to aid you in the complex issues, which arise following a serious car wreck. The injury law attorneys at the Dolman Law Group, have witnessed first-hand the life changing consequences an automobile accident can have on a victim and their respective family members. Medical costs, lost wages, property damage, the use of personal injury protection (PIP), and Florida’s no fault insurance system are just a few of the arising concerns associated with a car accident.

If you have been injured in an automobile as a result of the negligence exhibited by an individual or corporation, we are here to help help. The injury law attorneys at the Dolman Law Group are dedicated to fighting for the maximum recovery possible Florida auto accident victims. We have the necessary resources available to take a case to trial if the insurance company is not willing to provide an acceptable settlement offer and we together decide that litigating the claim is the best strategy in regards to your financial interests and risk associated with such.

Many attorneys counsel the victims of auto accidents while simultaneously taking on many other areas of practice including employment and family law. We strongly believe that by solely focusing on personal injury, we can avoid being a “Jack of all trades and master of none.” It is an arduous responsibility for an attorney to juggle different areas of practice, while staying current on the most recent changes in each discipline, while also developing a strong level of competence in representing their clients. We take pride in the reputation our firm has received as competent, zealous and effective advocates for injured victims in the Tampa Bay area.

The auto accident attorneys at Dolman Law Group have a solid track record of success in acquiring abundant recoveries for Florida injury victims. The majority of cases handled are serious injury claims. Our firm has successfully settled and resolved injury claims of various types and recovered in excess of $5,000,000.00 for car accident victims alone in 2011.


Here at the Dolman Law Group, we are fortunate to have our very own full-time private investigator on staff. He is a former police officer with considerable experience in investigating and piecing together the cause of car wrecks. In addition, we correspond with, and retain, prominent medical professionals and automobile accident reconstruction experts. With these resources at hand, we are able to properly build a strong case.

Maximizing the compensation you may be entitled to for injuries sustained as a result of the car accident, is our goal.  Therefore, our legal staff is both meticulous and diligent in the manner they work. Time is an important factor after being involved in a car accident. The at-fault party’s insurance carrier will contact you hastily and attempt to secure a quick settlement. This amount typically fails to account for whether you have suffered a permanent injury and does not consider the fact that you may require future on-going medical care.  Further, it may take a decent amount of time to determine the extent of your injuries and how your body responds to the recommended treatment. Thus, it is extremely important that you avoid a quick and unjust settlement.

An insurance company has attorneys on staff analyzing their exposure and working excessively to minimize their exposure. Therefore, it is essential you retain an experienced auto accident attorney who is well versed in the tactics and tricks employed by insurance adjusters. Our firm is all too familiar with the methods insurance carriers use to protect their own financial interests.


Florida has a no-fault system (Florida Statutes Section 627.736) which states that if you sustain an injury as a result of an auto accident, the personal injury protection (PIP) portion of your insurance will pay eighty percent (80%) of necessary medical expenses related to injuries suffered in the accident, and sixty percent (60%) of your lost wages, regardless of who actually caused the accident.  The purpose of Personal Injury Protection is to allow a victim to receive immediate medical treatment regardless of fault, as opposed to waiting for a court to determine who was liable.

Surprisingly, car accidents continue to remain the number one cause of death among young adults in America. Victims must understand that severe bodily injury may occur not only from the initial contact with another vehicle, but also from the secondary impact within your own vehicle (i.e., a head collision with the steering wheel). Under Florida Statutes, one may be able to seek reimbursement for medical bills, lost income, car rentals, property damage and any pain and suffering they have experienced as a Florida car accident victim. Most car accident victims expect their insurance company to resolve their claim in a timely and just manner. This is rarely the case because the insurance company adjusters tend to work in the interest of their shareholders and policyholders. Unfortunately, we commonly witness insurance carriers negotiating in bad faith when attempting to settle a claim. Bad faith can be described as unreasonable or unfair claims handling by an insurance company.


From the start, an insurance company has a tremendous advantage due to its excessive staff of attorneys and adjustors, whose job is to minimize the true value a claim is worth. The insurance carriers arm themselves with numerous financial resources and have an infinite list of excuses a Claims Adjuster will employ to reduce, or even deny, compensation to an injured victim. The Dolman Law Group believes our obligation is strictly to our client. Our aim is to prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of our injured clients.  We believe holding insurance carriers responsible for unfair claims handling is a must and we are willing to strategically fight for the financial amounts they owe to the insured.  Universal in every insurance policy, or contract, is the implied message of good faith and fair dealing.

If you are a victim of a car accident which resulted in minor property damage, it is important that you understand it is still possible to suffer from a painful, and long term injury. An insurance adjustor will typically suggest a below minimum compensation amount, as they will argue that it is unlikely, or even impossible, to be injured as a result of a so-called minor accident. Insurance carriers are infamous for delaying, minimizing, or even wrongfully denying such claims.

Many carriers have a routine in which they quickly and viciously defend claims where the property damage lies below an arbitrary number. That number tends to range from $1200-$1500 and if the property damage falls below this amount, the claim is directed to a specific department where they specialize in what they call a “minor impact soft tissue” (MIST) case.  The Adjuster will often send out a letter within two weeks of the accident in which they make the predictable statement that the accident could not have caused the injuries the client is complaining about.  This is known as a “causation” defense and Adjusters often make such decisions without the professional opinion of a biomechanic engineer who can actually determine the severity of the force behind the impact.  Furthermore, Adjusters often make statements without the expertise of a licensed physician to evaluate the medical records and determine if the treatment was necessary and reasonable.  In simple terms, the Adjuster will make uneducated statements regarding medical treatment and biomechanical engineering issues without retaining a professional in either field.  Sadly, this is how most insurance companies conduct business, and how they engage in their normal course of dealings. On a brighter note, and an aggressive, experienced automobile accident attorney will see right through the foolishness of insurance adjusters.


Whiplash is an injury of the neck which may occur during rear-end automobile collisions, when the head suddenly jerks backward and then forward (similar to the motion of a whip being cracked). These intense motions push the neck muscles and ligaments well beyond their normal range of motion. A whiplash injury may be classified as mild or severe. Treatment often starts with non-prescription pain relievers and ice applied to the area of discomfort. If pain continues, prescription medications and physical therapy may be added to the treatment plan. Many people recover from whiplash symptoms in just a few weeks, but some victims with more severe whiplash injuries develop chronic conditions that can be overwhelming and extremely painful. Symptoms of a whiplash injury often include, but are not limited to headache, shoulder pain with stiffness, dizziness, fatigue, jaw pain, and ringing in the ears. If you feel you are suffering from any of the above symptoms of whiplash, it is imperative you contact alicensed Tampa Bay area whiplash attorney who constantly counsels and litigates soft tissue claims against a number of insurance carriers.


The automobile accident attorneys at Dolman Law Group are skilled in the area of whiplash and soft tissue injuries, and understand just how incredibly difficult these cases can be. Many law firms have become hesitant to take on soft tissue cases and many others will be content with settling such cases for low ball offers.  The financial incentive behind handling a minor impact soft tissue claim has decreased at a rate unequal to the effort put forth in litigating the case.  The insurance companies have become far more persistent in defending a soft tissue claim in recent years.  As a result of shady advertisement pushed by the insurance industry, the public often interprets whiplash claims with a great deal of skepticism.  Insurance lobbyists have targeted plaintiff attorneys as greedy and allege that soft tissue injuries are false claims invented by attorneys seeking personal gain.


The insurance industry relies on experts (i.e., Engineers and Doctors) who are all willing to offer their bought-and-paid for opinion that usually states the injuries suggested by the victim are scientifically impossible, despite the property damage involved.  Therefore, in order to successfully represent a whiplash or soft tissue injury case, the plaintiff attorney must surpass a pre-established jury bias, debate with a defense attorney who, more often than not, will present the jury pictures of an automobile with minor property damage, as well as deal with experts who claim that the injuries sustained are impossible as a result of the property damage.  With these bought opinions as shoddy evidence, the insurance carriers suggest absurdly low offers on minor impact claims.  Unfortunately, genuine accident victims are being cheated out of reasonable compensation as a result of partial science and insurance adjusters who apply the generic approach to all minor impact automobile accident claims.

Many insurance carriers, including Allstate (the nation’s largest insurance carrier), rely on computer software to determine the worth of the claim based on various criteria and algorithm’s. These insurance carriers will offer minimal settlement with a take-it-or-leave-it approach, and will be stern with their low ball offer.  A skilled whiplash injury attorney will immediately notice the nuances of proving such a case to a jury, and will remain committed to pushing the case to litigation if necessary.  A whiplash injury attorney must have a solid understanding of how to present and explain soft tissue injuries to a jury, overcome their pre-conceived bias, and discredit experts who will tell them that such injuries sustained are scientifically impossible.

An auto accident can be traumatic to the victim and their family.  Car accidents typically result in broken bones, permanent damages to the spine including herniated discs and other extreme and significant injuries. On the other hand, some auto accidents result in less defined and tangible symptoms such as damage to the underlying muscles or ligaments and are usually termed “soft tissue injuries” by those scripted insurance Claims Adjusters.  Soft tissue injuries commonly cause reoccurring pain which can last indefinitely. As a personal injury law firm, we come across many whiplash injuries resulting from moderate to minor rear end collisions. We take pride obtaining justice for whiplash victims, and in our commitment to securing the most fair settlement or outcome possible.


Most law practices are not fully committed to ardently representing the victims of a minor impact automobile accident. It is essential that the firm chosen by an automobile victim is experienced in litigating soft tissue claims.  As a Clearwater personal injury attorney, I habitually handle minor impact claims all the way from inception through litigation.  The Dolman Law Group has successfully recovered fruitful settlements on minor impact claims, even with property damage valued below $500. The insurance company must realize that the representing attorney is dedicated to such “minor” claims, or they will simply take advantage of the situation and offer a low-ball number in the hopes the lawyer will quickly accept. This is what occurs at volume practices where the paralegals are the ones handling the entire claim, or the attorney is merely looking for the best offer possible without putting in the necessary work or time to successfully rectify a minor impact, or low impact case.

Retaining an experienced and aggressive Florida soft tissue injury lawyer who truly understands the complex issues of a minor collision, is vital. The attorney must acknowledge and comprehend the mechanisms of injuries commonly found in clients who are victims of a car wreck with minimal property damage.  Whiplash is a common matter and the legal staff at the Dolman Law Group actively litigates whiplash injury claims in Pinellas County, Manatee County, Sarasota County, Pasco County and Hillsborough County.

At Dolman Law Group, Matthew Dolman, Christian Myer and Bryan Hannan have developed noted reputations for successfully litigating and advocating on behalf of victims injured in automobile accidents.  Dolman Law Group currently litigates personal injury lawsuits in Pinellas County, Manatee County, Sarasota County, Pasco County and Hillsborough County.  The numerous insurance carriers are fully aware of which law firms readily succumb to small offers due to being a “volume practice” as opposed to their counterparts who are willing, prepared and able to commit to battling an insurance carrier in the event that a claims adjuster has wrongfully evaluated a claim and the settlement offer is unjust.

We understand that it is important to set each unique case up correctly from day one. Insurance carriers heavily analyze every single claim and are reluctant to pay out substantial settlements.  In fact, from what I have witnessed, it is the goal of all insurance companies to delay, deny and defend each and every claim.  Thus, Dolman Law Group attorneys believe it is their duty to approach every case as if it may one day go to trial.


If you or a loved one has been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, you may find a relief in letting one of our knowledgeable attorneys review your case and provide you with a free, no obligation and confidential consultation. If you prefer the counsel of an attorney you can talk to, one who truly understands your unique situation, maintains a successful litigation practice and is committed to zealously handling your claim, contact us. It is seldom for an attorney to provide their client with a personal cell phone number.  This is mandatory at Dolman Law Group.  A licensed attorney, as opposed to a Paralegal, will handle your case at our firm.  While we do employ a respected staff consisting of Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Clerks, and Investigators, the lawyer always control the decisions and strategies relating to the handling of a case. We feel that a client should be able to reach their attorney in a prompt manner.  Our direct phone numbers and email addresses are listed on the business card of each attorney at Dolman Law Group.

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