Motorcycle Accident Victims Should Always Consider And Investigate Vehicle Defects

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The vast majority of motor vehicle accidents are attributable to driver error, a statistic that likely supports the average driver’s personal experience. After all, in most accidents that we hear or read about, the cause of the accident was speeding, drinking, distracted driving, taking an improper turn, or some other type of issue that was clearly the fault of the person in control of the vehicle.

In some cases, however, vehicle defects can either cause or contribute a motorcycle accident. When this is the case, victims are often entitled to significant financial recovery. These kinds of cases can be extremely complicated, especially when a combination of driver error and vehicle defects caused an accident, as liability can be difficult to establish and must be apportioned among the parties who are at fault. For this reason, anyone that has been injured in a motorcycle accident in which they believe that a vehicle defect played a role should be sure to discuss their case with an experienced Clearwater motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

What types of motorcycle defects can result in accidents

There are a number of motorcycle defects that can result in serious accidents. Some of the most common defective parts that may cause a crash include the following:

·       Brakes

·       Accelerators

·       Steering mechanisms

·       Shocks

·       Tires

·       Fuel tanks

·       Wheels

·       Handlebars

·       Engines

·       Frames

In many cases, these and other types of vehicle defects leave victims with serious injuries, so it is important for anyone involved in an accident to make sure their rights are protected by retaining qualified legal counsel immediately.

What should you do after an accident you believe may have been caused by a motorcycle defect?

People who are involved in a motorcycle accident in which a defective vehicle may be involved should take steps to ensure that are able to recover for their losses. Some of the things that motorcycle accident victims should do include the following:

  • Document information regarding the accident – Victims should take notes about anything they can remember about the accident as soon as possible, including the time of day the accident occurred, the weather conditions at the time of the accident, the individuals involved, and any other details that you can think of.
  • Seek medical attention and notes on how your injuries have affected you – Anyone involved in a motorcycle accident should seek medical attention as soon as possible in order to ensure that their injuries are treated and documented. In addition, victims should take notes on how their injuries affect their day-to-day life. Examples of the kinds of medical issues of which to take note include any pain experienced, difficulty engaging in day-to-day tasks, sleep disturbances, and treatments.
  • Take photographs – Photographic evidence documenting the scene of the accident and the condition of your vehicle can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. It is important to get photographs from many different angles in order to ensure that the content of the pictures is clear and not subject to interpretation.
  • Contact an attorney – People who are involved in accidents should seek legal counsel as soon as possible, as your attorney can communicate with insurers and other interested parties on your behalf and make sure that you do not say or do anything that may inadvertently concede liability for the accident.

Contact a Clearwater motorcycle accident attorney today to discuss your case with an experienced attorney

Failing to investigate whether defects with a motorcycle or motorcycle equipment caused or contributed to an accident can result in the forfeiture of significant financial compensation. For this reason, anyone involved in a motorcycle crash should have the circumstances of their case reviewed by an attorney familiar with representing motorcycle accident victims. When you retain one of the skilled lawyers of the Dolman Law Group, you can rest assured that your case will be thoroughly investigated and that we will uncover any evidence of product defects that may exist. Call our office today at 727-451-6900 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Clearwater motorcycle accident lawyers. You may also reach us by email by filling out and submitting our online contact form.

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