Motorcycle Safety Gear: Helmets Are Just the Beginning

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The single most important piece of motorcycle safety gear that you can wear is a helmet that is manufactured according to the standards set by the Department of Transportation.1 But it is important to realize that motorcycle safety does not end with the helmet, as there is a lot more that you can do to protect yourself when you ride.

Helmets are specifically designed to protect your head while riding. They resist penetration, deter abrasions, and help to absorb the shock of impact in the event of an accident. A full-face helmet can make your ride more comfortable and safe by minimizing the effects of flying debris, reducing noise, and decreasing the blast of the wind that hits your face and eyes. All of these aid in decreasing rider fatigue. An alert and a comfortable motorcyclist is a safer motorcyclist.

Protection from Head to Toe 

There are other articles that are critical to include in your riding gear. For example, it is important to wear hearing protection when you ride. Long-term exposure to the noise of the road can cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing protection, when worn properly and when in compliance with your state’s laws, reduces background noise while allowing you to hear the important sounds that you need to hear as a driver.

Protective clothing adds another layer of protection. Full protective gear helps you to stay comfortable as you ride, which allows you to stay more alert. The proper riding gear can help protect your body from abrasions and injury in an accident. Especially useful are articles of protective clothing made out of leather or abrasion-resistant fabrics like ballistic nylon. Protective clothing that is specifically designed for riding will allow you the highest degree of protection and comfort. These garments are specially designed to provide cushioning and to fit your riding posture and they also incorporate exclusive flaps and overlays that help seal out the elements. The gear you wear when riding can also be chosen in an effort to make you more visible to other drivers.

Motorcycle gloves that fit properly protect your hands from blisters and the weather and can reduce cuts and abrasions if you are in an accident. Gloves can also increase your grip on the handlebars, allowing you to navigate more safely. Finally, sturdy boots that cover your ankles can provide you with increased protection from several hazards of the road, including burns and flying road debris. Boots with oil-resistant soles made of a rubber based composite provide you with a stronger grip on both the pavement and your foot pegs. The right boots can also protect you from foot and ankle injuries.

If you have suffered a motorcycle injury caused by someone else’s negligence, seek the expert advice of an experienced and skilled motorcycle accident attorney who will guide you on the path to financial recovery.

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