Do I Need a Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Clearwater, Florida

A Florida motorcycle crash is likely to reveal a seriously injured rider and possibly a passenger. The Florida bike rider and passengers only protection is hopefully an optional helmet and protective clothing. While it is a fact that helmets have reduced the number of traumatic brain injuries, especially the penetrating kind, they do not offer complete protection. That protection is also reduced by wearing an inadequate helmet.

Florida is a “no-fault” insurance state but that insurance law does not apply to motorcycles. Motorcycle riders are not permitted to carry personal injury protection either. This means that no limitations exist in seeking compensation for injuries in the event of a motorcycle crash. It also leaves suing the other party or parties responsible as the only course of action. In addition, it means that the negligence of another driver or entity must be proven for an award to be considered.

Brain injury often results from a Florida motorcycle crash. A brain injury is always serious and may affect a person for their entire life. The loss of income and cumulative medical bills over a lifetime can total millions of dollars. This is in addition to pain and suffering, rehabilitation and occupational retraining.

Common Florida Motorcycle Accident Injuries

In addition to the possibility of traumatic brain injury; spinal injuries, broken bones, and internal organ damage are also common in serious motorcycle crashes. Spine and brain injuries are by far the most devastating and can result in paralysis, diminished motor skills and cognitive abilities, and even death. Some of the serious head injuries in a motorcycle accident include:

Concussion – The bruising of brain tissue caused by sudden deceleration at high speed may result in headaches, nausea, dizziness, memory loss and impaired coordination. Most concussion victims do recover in time.

Hematoma – Blood clotting between the brain and skull, or epidural area, the actual brain, or subdural area, are the effects of hematoma. Symptoms may not manifest for days or even weeks. Hematomas require immediate surgery.

Coup – Contrecoup – This is an injury caused by the brain striking the side of the skull opposite from the impact or from sloshing within the skull. It is a common injury in motorcycle crashes. Helmets offer little protection against this type of injury which may be the result of high-speed impact or tumbling.

Diffuse Axonal Injury – Severe high-speed impact can cause a rotation of the brain where it shreds against the bony ridges or the skull. Motorcycle accidents causing diffuse axonal injury are often fatal due to the widespread (diffuse) injury. This type of injury is inoperable, leading to temporary or permanent impairment when not fatal.

If you are involved in a Florida motorcycle accident, involving another vehicle or not, dial 911 immediately and get medical help. Do not decide for yourself the severity of your injuries. Shock can easily mask injuries by blocking pain signals pain. If you are capable, take as many pictures of the scene as possible. Provide a full report to the police, unless EMS transports you before you have that opportunity. Do not give any statement, regarding what occurred, to insurance investigators. They will act like they have your best interest in mind but that is far from the truth. Their sole purpose is to save the insurance company money. Retain the services of a qualified Florida motorcycle accident attorney and direct all inquiries to him or her.

The Invaluable Florida Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Contact an experienced Florida motorcycle injury attorney even if you are still in the hospital. It is important not to let too much time pass as evidence becomes clouded or disappears and witnesses become harder to find. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash and who was at fault. An accident reconstruction specialist may be brought in if necessary. The fault may lie with another driver or it may be poor road maintenance, inadequate warnings, defective equipment or several other possible causes.

Dolman Law Group has the attorneys and the resources required to determine the true cause of the accident and uncover any contributable negligence. Unlike other law firms that settle for far less than you deserve, our attorneys know the true value of your case and are willing to fight vehemently to win you the maximum award possible. Call today at 727-451-6900 for a free evaluation of your case. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you.

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