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Involvement in a motorcycle accident can often be significantly more dangerous than if you have been in a car crash. The car may receive a few dings, but may still be drivable and leave the operator in perfect health. A motorcyclist, on the other hand, is regularly left with severe road rash, impact injuries, and an inoperable bike. Many times, it may be tempting to tough it out and heal on your own, but when a motorcycle rider is injured, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately. Waiting too long can cause small unknown injuries to escalate into something much worse. Not seeking medical attention right away can also decrease your chances of proving the injuries were caused by the collision and limit your ability to fully recover for your damages.

Medical Treatment and Following Up

Many motorcycle riders are transported to the hospital by ambulance after the collision. The victim will be diagnosed by an emergency room physician, the injuries will be accessed quickly, and the seriousness of the harm will be treated with the required medical treatment. The injuries in some cases are serious enough that the doctor will determine if they are life-threatening, which will mean being admitted to the hospital ICU for emergency medical care.

When the motorcycle injuries are not life-threatening, the emergency room doctor could discharge the rider with a referral to follow up with their primary care physician. In order to help relieve pain,the emergency room doctor could prescribe pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication. They might also fit the injured rider with a soft cervical collar and with arm or leg injuries, there might be a leg splint or arm splint to decrease the risk of further injury and reduce pain and discomfort.

The doctor from the ER can also refer the injured motorcyclist to a physical therapist or other types of treatment professionals. Following up with the primary care physician, referral doctor or any other healthcare professional is important for the motorcycle accident victim. It is important to follow any prescribed or recommended medical examinations and care.

Calculation of Damages

You may be able to stomach the pain as injuries heal on their own, but given the complexity of certain injuries, it is important to at least check with a doctor after any accident where your body experiences trauma. It is often the hidden injuries that may stay dormant for years that are the most debilitating. In addition to the statute of limitations1 clauses that may prohibit you from bringing a suit against the defendant if you wait too long, waiting for these dormant issues to appear will make it difficult to establish how they originated. If you wait two years as a joint pain slowly evolves into knee surgery, it is almost impossible to link the surgery to a small tear that could have been detected after the accident occurred.

Additionally, in order to prove that you were actually injured by the accident, you need a medical expert to testify that those injuries actually happened. Thus, even for small injuries, it is more difficult to establish what the defendant owes if you refuse medical treatment.

Lost Income

The biggest motivator for not going seeking medical treatment is the fear of losing the income and justifying waiting to go until after you get off work. Indeed many times, accidents happen when going to or from work. It is understandable to want to meet obligations and avoid a cut in pay for missing a day of work. However, just like with the medical treatment, the quicker you address the issues, the greater the ties will be to the accident.

You may be entitled to add the lost income you suffered from seeking medical treatment for your damages. Failing to seek medical attention promptly may result in longer and more time-consuming visits with your doctors to treat injuries that have developed more than they otherwise would have. Like the added injuries themselves, the additional missed hours may be more difficult to tie to the accident, limiting your ability to recover for them.

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