10 Reasons You Should Start Riding a Motorcycle

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There are plenty of reasons people ride motorcycles, all of which make a pretty convincing list of why you should consider becoming one of them. From style to economics, there are plenty of reasons to get on that hog and hit the open road.

1.Sense of Adventure Remember when you were younger and you were much more willing to try crazy things? Well riding a motorcycle is like that, at least it looks and feels like that, without all the unnecessary danger. Or, at least, you are in control of the danger. Getting started riding a motorcycle will bring back that adventurous side. That get-up-and-go mentality. It is sure to boost your confidence in more than one aspect of your life.

2.Romance Booster Whether you’re a man looking to impress the ladies or you’re already married and just want to boost things with your partner, riding a motorcycle has got your covered. As stated above, it boosts your confidence, which an interested mate can see from a mile away. You dress cooler, travel cooler, and go to cooler places. I guess this category should just be called: It makes you cooler.

3.Style, Style, Style Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever said, “That person looks dumb on that motorcycle.” Because riding a motorcycle gives you instant style. You start dressing in leather, wearing cool outfits, hanging out at festivals and frequenting hip watering holes. Plus, you start using phrases like watering holes.

4.Road Trip Anyone? Nothing creates more excuses to go on a road trip than a motorcycle. Well, except maybe an RV, but they’re expensive. Getting on a motorcycle and hitting the open road, cruising through back roads and towns you’ve never seen, there is really nothing like it. Plus, with gas at two dollars a gallon, it’s cheaper than ever.

5.Free Bird Motorcycles, for many of the reasons above, are just cool machines to own. But one of their best features is how freeing they are. You feel more free out on the road because you start to notice stuff that passes you by in the cool comfort of a metal box. You begin to notice small bridges, roadside attractions, cool structures tucked away in the brush. You also don’t have to worry about parking, gas money, or hauling stuff around. Options open up that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

6.Gas is how much? Yes, gas is cheap right this moment, coming in at just around $2 a gallon in Florida, but that never lasts. Most motorcycles get at least 40 to 50 miles per gallon. Some even get in the upper 60s and 70s. That’ll put your worries pretty far behind you for two bucks. On a similar note, maintaining a bike is much cheaper than maintain a car. Most repairs can be done by amateur hobbyists and parts are much simpler and cheaper.

7.Meet the Johnsons When you ride a bike, people are just friendlier. People rarely say, “OMG I love your sedan. It’s so awesome.” But people in the motorcycle culture are always noticing a bike they own when they were a teenager or one they would love to have. It instantly becomes a conversation starter. Plus, bikers go to bars, restaurants, outdoor festivals, and travel in packs. Now that’s a social life.

8.Forever Young All the above reasons will play a role in keeping you feeling and acting young, but riding a motorcycle can help to keep you fit as well. You don’t have to balance your car while sitting at a traffic light or while taking a turn. And you definitely don’t have to Fred-Flintstone-it to reverse your car out of a parking spot. But doing all these things on your motorcycle will help to keep you in—or whip you into—shape. Plus, most people don’t realize that you have to engage your muscles to hold on to a bike, lest it leave you behind.

9.Explore the Area When people drive cars, they tend to only go where they need to, and that’s it. But people who ride motorcycles tend to get out and ride just for the sake of riding. This leads to the exploration of places you’ve most likely never been to. And I’m not just talking about faraway places, but places that are in or around your hometown as well. Perhaps it’s going down a road you’ve never had a reason to take, or choosing a route that wouldn’t be the most efficient in a car. When you are on a motorcycle, any reason to ride a little further, and feel a little more sun on your skin, is a good reason.

10.Because its Florida baby! Lots of motorcycle enthusiasts have to wait for the snow to clear and the weather to warm before they can get back on the hog, but not here in Florida. It’s pretty much year round good weather in our great state. I remember it being 90 degrees on Christmas one year. You may have to duck an occasional rain cloud here and there, but that’s part of the fun.

So get out and hit the open road with a steel-horse between your legs. Whether it’s to feel a little younger, appreciate life a little more, or just save a little on gas, there are plenty of reasons to ride a motorcycle. Pick up a Cycle Trader, take a class, and never look back (except to check your blindspots).

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