What Causes Serious Clearwater Motorcycle Accidents?

According to Florida Department of Highway Safety and  Motor Vehicles,1 there were more than 8,000 people injured in motorcycle crashes during 2014. Many of the features that draw people to motorcycles, like their speed, maneuverability, and lack of a vehicle body surrounding the person operating the bike, are the very things that make motorcyclists as dangerous as they are. When motorcyclists are involved in wrecks, they can be severely injured, often to the extent that they require hospitalization and can even develop disabilities. For this reason, it is extremely important for victims to retain an attorney familiar with representing people that have been hurt by the negligence of others. In many cases, an attorney can help accident victims obtain significant financial compensation to help pay for their medical expenses and other losses that they experienced as a result of their accident. Call the Dolman Law Group today at 727-451-6900 or schedule a free compensation with an experienced lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents can have a variety of causes

There are a number of things that cause a motorcycle accident. As is the case with other types of personal injury cases, a victim must be able that his or her accused was caused by someone else’s negligence. There are many ways in which a person’s negligence can result in an accident. Some of the most common are detailed below.

  • Driver error – Driver error is by far the most common cause of serious motor vehicle accidents. Common driver errors that often lead to serious accidents include speeding, driving drunk, running stop signs, ignoring stop lights, and distracted driving.
  • Roadway defects – Defects in the road are another common cause of serious motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles, with only two points of contact on the road, are significantly more vulnerable to road defects than other types of vehicles that have more wheels. Examples of the kinds of defects that often cause serious motorcycle accidents include potholes, improper drainage, uneven shoulders, inadequate signage, malfunctioning stoplights, accumulations of snow or ice, and cracked pavement. Importantly, most of these kinds of cases are brought against a government agency, which means that a special set of legal rules will apply. For this reason, it is important to retain a lawyer familiar with representing people hurt by defects in the road.
  • Vehicle defects – Modern motorcycles are complicated vehicles with thousands of individual parts that work together to allow the bike to operate. When these components fail due to defects in manufacture or design, victims can often recover for their losses by filing a product liability2 Another way in which a bike may be defective is if it was improperly marketed, or if there were nonobvious dangers that could have been easily mitigated by providing the rider with a simple warning.

Of course, there are other potential causes of motorcycle accidents. After an accident occurs, victims should always have an experienced attorney review their case. In some instances, it may not be clear to the untrained eye that an accident was actually the result of negligence rather than an unavoidable event. Failing to have an attorney thoroughly review every aspect of your case will ensure that you obtain the compensation to which you are legally entitled and that the person or party responsible for your injuries is held accountable.

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Motorcycle accidents can often leave victims with extremely serious injuries that often entitled to significant compensation under Florida law. For this reason, anyone that has been hurt in a motorcycle accident should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Examples of the kinds of losses that are often recoverable in a legal action arising from a motorcycle accident include medical expenses, property damage, lost income, and loss of quality of life. The lawyers of the Dolman Law Group are skilled personal injury attorneys who are committed to helping people hurt by the negligence of others recover for their losses and move on with their lives. To schedule a free consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney, call our office today at 727-451-6900 or send us email through our online contact form.

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