Motorcycles have always been known as those great looking, metallic, two-wheeled, motor-propelled vehicles. Motorcyclists, or “bikers”, are still—even to this day—viewed as grungy, tattooed, scruffy-bearded, tough-guys who hang out in bars and cause trouble. This, however, is a completely inaccurate stereotype and I blame Hollywood, social media, and the news for that one.

Back in the day we had the trendily ridden “choppers”—not to be confused with “choppers”—which are still seen very frequently, but sort of…idolized in a way. Daryl from the Walking Dead, for example, rides a chopper. More commonly seen nowadays are the sport motorbikes with cool shapes and sizes. I’ve seen a good amount of local Clearwater bikers who’ve installed a neon light kit to their rig. It’s pretty cool, right? Stuff like that reminds me of the movie Tron!

Visibility and Vulnerability

The bright lights, roaring engine, and flashy chrome—these are all factors that contribute to the road-presence of motorcyclists. If that’s the case, why is it that motorcycles have the highest risk of death or serious injury when they ride the open roads? Perhaps it’s the small sized, high speed, and traffic-weaving personalities of these motorcycles that leads to ~5,000 fatalities every year. 

Over the years, closed vehicles have become extraordinarily safe in terms of passenger-protection. The Tesla Model S broke the machine that is supposed to crush the car’s roof! The entire machine!  I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple screws started falling out of motorcycles that take too sharp of a turn; those things seem so weak! While the motorcycles themselves offer significantly less protection when compared to cars, trucks, and other closed motor vehicles, motorcyclists can wear some pretty jazzed-out gear which will protect that fragile skull of theirs like a newborn baby. 

Constantly Distracted?

I’d imagine that motorcyclists live a pretty difficult road-life. They’ve got to focus on steering, speed, lane placement, balance, weather conditions, dangerous traffic, PROPER MANEUVERS! The list just goes on and on…yikes! Those of you, like me, who travel in a 4-and-up-wheeled vehicle, know the luxury of sitting in a comfortable seat with a smoothjam playing on your sound system. We get to cruise the open road with a large majority of our muscles at rest while all of you brave bikers feel the effects of a full-body workout every 3rd mile. 

It simply HAS to be more distracting trying to focus on everything at the same time while riding. When it’s raining? Oh man…those poor bikers are getting pelted by cold, wet rain. Assuming they were smart enough to wear some good equipment, they’ll probably stay dry, but not everyone makes that smart decision. Remember, this isn’t a fashion show! Always wear the correct protective gear no matter where you’re going. Bring a change of clothes if you really have to.These important additions to every biker’s arsenal are just a few things everyone should ride with.

A Strong Helmet: Ensure a proper fitting helmet in new condition. Used helmets may have already been damaged by a forceful impact!

A Sturdy Jacket: Your chest is pretty important, right? Don’t be one of those riders that skid down the street and suffer extreme injuries because they didn’t want to wear a hot jacket…

A Tough Pair of Pants: Some come with built-in kneepads, others don’t; either way, there’s legitimately no good reason to wear shorts on a motorcycle, so just don’t do it. If you’re going for proper protection, look for hard-leather pants 

A Beefy Pair of Boots: These can save your ankles from snapping like twigs if any substantial amount of weight is placed upon them. Wear a durable, oversized, yet comfortable pair of boots with lots of protection to your precious feet!

A Comfortable Set of Gloves: You’ve got to use your hands to grip onto those handlebars and ‘zoom’ away, so wearing comfortable gloves with good gripping ability is also a must!


There are people out there getting injured every day in motorcycle collisions. There’s simply not enough awareness of their presence and too few cautious drivers on the road. Here in the state of Florida, Dolman Law Group dedicates their time fighting for those who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. If you or a loved one has suffered from any injuries or has died due to the lack of care displayed by another person, please give us a call now to discuss your rights, options, and possible routes in your situation. We offer a free consultation and case evaluation so contact us today to secure you and your family’s proper treatment, care, coverage, and respect.


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